Testing out a service called Spot.IM.  It’s a chat service you can embed into your web service.  I put the test on the podcasting page. Just look for the IM chat balloon in the lower right corner of the page.

Service:  http://www.spot.im
Embed in action: http://blogoklahoma.com/podcast.aspx 
On Site:  http://www.spot.im/blogoklahomapodcast

Looks like another nice way to connect with your readers.

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Mevio Pulls the Plug!
… Mevio has shutdown and given the remaining podcasters on the service 10 days to move.  The Mevio.com site is already offline, and podcasters are scrambling to get new media hosting services setup, and their RSS feeds back under control. Podcasters on the service though have been holding their breath for a couple of years as the hand writing has been on the wall. …
Podcaster News

h/t: +Todd Cochrane for the news.   This comes as a big surprise.

See comments for any updates.  I don’t know if this shutdown also effects Music Alley.

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Study Reinforces Strong Engagement on Google+

▼ Reshared Post From Eric Enge ▼

Forrester Study Reinforces Strong Engagement on Google Plus

This one shows G+ just barely behind Facebook, and far ahead of Twitter.  Everything I hear and see just makes me so happy that I finally jumped on the Plus in July 2013.

Consider also the events at Social Media Marketing World, where the opening keynote speaker, +Michael Stelzner of Social Media Example talked about this being the year of Google Plus.  *It’s coming folks!*

You can see more discussion about this in the +Social Media Hangout we did yesterday afternoon: https://plus.google.com/events/c5jqf6at1c7m9dkmkv7anbq5p7k.  I don’t have the exact time stamp but the coverage of SMMW starts at about 40 minutes in the video.